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Designed to program HiTag3 based chips or original keys.HiTag-2 was superseded by HiTag-3, which becomes usable by the security systems installed in modern cars.Programmer supports


  1. F-series BMW, equipped with CAS4 based on 9S12XDP512/9S12XEP100 Motorola MCU’sTypes of chips supported:  PCF7936, PCF7941, PCF7942, PCF7944, PCF7945, and PCF7946.
  2. Porsche New Cayenne (858 model) and new Panamera (970 model). Key programming from read EEPROM
  3. RangeRover 2017 key learning by dump(RFA, KVM XEQ384CAL). If all keys lost!




Hitag-3 Full

  • Full version. Porsche,BMW and RangeRover packages

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