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Exchange VEI V3 to brand new VEI V6 Revolution!!

What you need to do:

  • Send us your old V3 device;
  • Pay XXX Eur + 80 eur shipping with DHL.

What you get:

  • Latest V6 device;
  • Latest Truck Explorer Software v6.14;
  • All the licenses from Revolution 2020 kit*;
  • 12 months warranty for VEI V6;
  • 12 months of Updates/support subscription
  • Ability to add any license or DC2U tool with cables.
  • Cables are not included. Only VEI V6 device.


*. Revolution kit


1MB MEMOPLD (MR)  external FLASH & EEPROMs Read&Write;  Checksum; Chip-tuning protection remove.
2MB KEYSKey programming on PLD (MR).  MR&FR IMMO OFF
3MB CALCCalculates codes for VeDoc (algorithm X1, X2, X8);  FDOK (XT, XN) algorithms
FRFR&CPC Flash EEPROM Read/Write. OBD and DC2. CPC3  & CPC NAFTA not supported.
52011+MEMO; KEYS; CALC; DC2 functionality with Continental PLD based on XC2xxx processor type. PLD firmware v.: 22B; 23E; 24B.
6CRVS, ML, GL class CRV & CRV2 Flash&EEPROM R/W via OBD
7CR (CDI)V-class CR1 Flash & EEPROM R/W; WSP<>CR pairing

Key programming on MAN FFR and PTM. 

Parring EDC with PTM, EDC with FFR, MS6 with FFR

9MB EXTRASpeed limit R/W for PLD and FR; Torque limit R/W; AdBlue error Erase
10CPC3 EXTRASpeed limit R/W for SFTP: MCM and CPC3;
11MB DIAGMB Fault (DTC) codes Read/Erase. Full report in PDF. OBD/DC2 mode.
12AndroidTruck Explorer Android 2.1 license 
13Update/support12 months updates & support subscription

Cloned Truck Explorer v.3 exchange to v.6.XX

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