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UST Toyota Unlocker and Fast start 1.0


• Opening / CLOSING all doors (the central locking);
• Emergency engine START of the car (immediately after opening the central lock);
• BLOCKING other non-standard systems connected to CAN-bus interface;
• Vehicles without a Gateway module can be connected via OBD connector for opening and starting;
• Turning off/on standard Toyota/Lexus car alarm ( like in similar devices ). After using UST v1.0 all working keys remain functional NO NEED TO RESTORE !!! ) and all systems operates in standard way !!!
NO NEED to carry out diagnostics, programming or registering (binding) procedures!

Supported vehicles

Toyota / Lexus: supported all-new models of 2015-2020 with Smart keys 88, A8, A9, AA.

The KIt

• UST v1.0 device
• OBD cable
• The cable with the needles
• USB cable with Smart ECU adapters (A8 , A9 and 39 key types).



UST Toyota Unlocker and Fast start 1.0

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